The Mighty Mini Club of Sri Lanka was founded on 7th July 1995. As of now, the Club has over 400 members.

It is estimated that around 500 Minis have been imported to Sri Lanka. From the late 1960s up to the late 1970s the Governments of Sri Lanka adopted a policy of “no import of cars“ as part of a control measure for regulating the outflow of money! Hence the bulk of Mini’s that are in the country now, were imported before 1968. Since then there has been only a trickle of Minis and the import of Minis dropped further with the “Japanese invasion“ since the late 1970s.

A group of Mini enthusiasts formed the Mighty Mini Club of Sri Lanka so as to enable Mini lovers to meet socially and make the most of their Minis. The name for the Club was suggested by Ameen Deane who continues to serve in the Club Committee, and has been an ardent Mini owner and racing driver. 33 Mini owners gathered for the first meeting of the Club and a team of Office Bearers were chosen. The late Mr. Elsworth Forbes was the Founder President of the Club. Mr Forbes passed away in January 2005, and his funeral procession was led by twelve Mini’s. Mrs. Forbes and two sons still have their Mini which is a 1959 model 850. The other Founder Office Bearers were – Vice President Naomal Keertisinghe, Secretary Deshan de Silva and Treasurer Hafiz Cader.


The Club encourages Mini owners to join, irrespective of where in Sri Lanka they live. It is not uncommon to have members traveling 150 kms to participate in club activities.

The Committee of management of the Club meets every month. The meetings are hosted by members of the Committee, and are either held in their homes or at a restaurant/club of their choice. Once a month, some members have an informal Sunday drive where they would drive their
Mini’s in and around the city of Colombo and end up at a fellow member’s home for afternoon tea. The Club organizes several events
every year where members bring their families and enjoy the company of other Mini owners. Typically the Club would have a Concourse
Elegance, a weekend outing, a one-day rally, an autocross and a Club race-day in a year. The Mini race held in Pannala last time was the pinnacle of these events as it had 60 Minis took part in the events.

There is a group of around 20 members who regularly race their Mini’s in circuit meets. Most racing clubs that organize motor racing events in the country now have a “one make“ series for 1000cc Minis as part of their events list! Other than that, there are about ten other Mini’s that are fully race-prepared and take part in racing categories other than the one make Mini events.

The Club depends mostly on sponsorship to conduct events for members. It is Club policy to give-back to members by way of subsidies etc, whatever profits the Club earns from conducting events.

After the December 26th, 2004 tsunami that affected our country, the Club identified a disabled children hostel that had lost most of its furniture. The Club was able to provide each child in the home with a cupboard to keep their belongings.