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The 22nd of November 2018 will probably be the most memorable day in the annals of the Mighty Mini Club of Sri Lanka.

It was on this day that the members of the Club together with family and friends and 35 Mini’s consisting of Clubmans , Round Nose , Mokes , a Wagon & a new generation mini boarded a special train for Jaffna.

On reaching Jaffna the cars were driven off the specially designed flat beds and were parked at the special car park of the Valampuri Hotel. where the Members and their families numbering nearly 150 persons were accommodated.

On the morning of the 23rd the convoy of Mini’s and their passengers embarked on a tour of the Peninsula, having driven through Palaly, Point Pedro, Velvettiturai, and KKS.

En- route to Palaly the Mini’s drove through the Palaly Army Camp on the invitation of the Northern Commander. The road through the camp was lined on either side by enthusiastic Military Personnel taking photographs of these beautiful Classics which were in a variety of colours.

Saturday the 24th saw the Minis on display until 2pm at the Jaffna Municipal grounds.where a very large crowd was in attendance to see these beauties.

His Lordship the MAYOR of Jaffna was present to distribute a variety of fruit plants numbering nearly 200 which were donated by the club, to the general public .

At 4 pm the cars were loaded back on to the railway flat beds to be transported back to Colombo. It marked another memorable and enjoyable event of the Mighty Mini Club..

Jaffna tour – 2018